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Resources to Help You Grow in Christ

Resources to Help You Grow in Christ
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Moses Was a Murderer... Rahab was a harlot.... Jacob lied... Jonah rebelled... Esther was a diva.

These and other Bible heroes were far from perfect. They failed, they sinned, they deceived...and yet each of them had a dramatic comeback and were used of God beyond their richest imagination.

The Bible isn't the only source of "comeback" stories. Life is full of such dramatic turnarounds. Whether it's a sports team coming from behind to win an upset or a late blooming student who wins the scholarship, or....your life story, God delights in arranging for comebacks.

Like the Biblical and contemporary examples told in The Comeback, your future can include an amazing comeback story. Popular pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Tony Evans offers hope by pointing you to the good news that God loves to use less than perfect people. If you're less than perfect, you qualify

"It is definitely not too late for you. God has a purpose, a destiny, and a goal for your life. Don't go backward on Him now. You've come too far. You can't change your past regardless of how much you may want to. But your past does not have to determine your future." Dr. Tony Evans

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Spark Your Creativity and Connect with God

If you feel confined by conventional journaling, this book is for you. Filled with fun and faith-affirming activities to nurture your heart, mind, and soul, Faith Outside the Lines is the creative adventure you have been craving.

Following God is anything but boring. Celebrate that truth when you apply your own unique personality to complete thought-provoking prompts, such as...

  • Cover this page in love--using words, pictures symbols, scents...or anything
  • Fill this page with blessings. Then count 'em all up.
  • When you see the word "God," what comes to mind? Fill in this page with your thoughts, feelings, and prayers.

These and many more easy and engaging tasks await you in this unique interactive journal. Throughout, you'll also encounter Scripture verses and quotes to delight and inspire you.

Accept your invitation to go outside the lines to discover a deeper connection with our God of creativity and love.

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Discover how studying God's Word can become a fresh, inviting, enriching experience for you.

The much-loved Daily Bible (more than a million copies sold) includes several helpful features. Devotional commentary provides historical and spiritual insights and helps readers grasp the flow of revelation and apply it to their lives. The arrangement of the Bible text itself is unique:

  • 365 convenient daily readings guiding you through all of God's Word in one year
  • The text is arranged chronologically, enabling you to understand and experience God's unfolding plan of creation, redemption, and restoration like never before.
  • Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are displayed topically in order to highlight specific aspects of God's wisdom.

As you journey through the 365 daily readings, you will:

  • Grasp the historical context and unfolding story of Scripture more clearly
  • Accomplish your goal of reading through the entire Bible in a year
  • Find your relationship with God strengthened and nourished as never before.

Features include:

  • Complete text of the New International Version (NIV) Bible arranged chronologically for 365 daily readings
  • Introductory narration setting the scene for each passage and providing rich spiritual insights
  • Devotional insights guiding you through Scripture
  • Chronology of significant events
  • Cross-reference index to readings
  • 8.75" x 6.00"

The Daily Bible is designed to be read from cover to cover - and understood!

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